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  • Wright Electric Announces Spirit, 100-Seater All Electric BAe 146 Conversion

    US startup Wright Electric (previous coverage) announced at world climate summit COP26 that they intend to retrofit the BAe 146 regional jet airliner into an all-electric version. The BAe 146 aircraft was produced in various versions until 2001 and got it’s fame for low noise and steep approach capabilities, making it suitable for service e.g. […]

  • Wright Electric unveil their new 2MW motor

    The company Wright Electric has started testing their new 2MW electrical motor. The motor design has a power range from 500kW to 4MW, allowing to use the right motor size for various applications. For use in their planned Wright 1 aircraft, 10 2MW motors will be used in total, delivering around 20MW of power. That […]