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  • Lilium Shows 5th Gen Demonstrator Test Flight

    German electric flight company Lilium released footage today of a test flight of their 5th generation demonstrator aircraft, conducted on October 25th. Speeds of up to 40kts have been achieved.

  • VTOL – The State of Getting to Net Zero Emissions in Aviation

    In this article you’ll learn about the current state of VTOL when it comes to get to net zero emissions. This article is part of a blog series, where we will dive into the following industry sectors and analyze the current state of getting to net zero emissions: General Aviation, VTOL, Business Aviation, Initial Training,…

  • Lilium partners with Azul

    The german electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) startup Lilium announced the intent to enter into a commercial deal and strategic alliance with the leading brasil airline Azul. The deal would include the purchase of up to 220 aircraft from Lilium for an aggregate value of 1 billion USD. The start of the brazil eVTOL…