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  • Airbus partners with Spirit AeroSystems to develop the wings of CityAirbus NextGen

    Airbus has signed an agreement with Spirit AeroSystems through its subsidiary for the development of CityAirbus NextGen’s wings. This partnership will support Airbus’ exploration of disruptive aircraft design while complying with the most stringent regulations. Spirit AeroSystems will be responsible for developing and manufacturing CityAirbus NextGen’s wings in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Both partners’ ambition is […]

  • Archer Receives Special Airworthiness Certificate for its Maker eVTOL Aircraft Following Successful FAA Inspection

    The Special Airworthiness Certificate clears Archer to begin hover flight testing of its Maker aircraft After receiving its MIDO Certificate of Authorization (COA) and Aircraft Limitations from the FAA a few weeks ago, Archer has now achieved another key milestone as it progresses toward Maker’s first flight The special airworthiness certificate signals that Maker has […]

  • Archer Aviation Receives FAA COA and Relocates from Development Lab to Flight Test Facility

    Today Archer Aviation, home of the Archer Maker, an eVTOL, announced that they received its MIDO Certificate of Authorization (COA) and Aircraft Limitations from the FAA. The CoA and the Aircraft Limitations are key components of the Special Airworthiness Certificate, which will be the FAA basis that permits the Maker aircraft to commence test flights. […]

  • VTOL – The State of Getting to Net Zero Emissions in Aviation

    In this article you’ll learn about the current state of VTOL when it comes to get to net zero emissions. This article is part of a blog series, where we will dive into the following industry sectors and analyze the current state of getting to net zero emissions: General Aviation, VTOL, Business Aviation, Initial Training, […]

  • Vertical Aerospace: Getting soon off the ground with VA-X4

    There is no shortage of electrical vertical take-off and landing (short eVTOL) startup companies writing headlines during the last couple of years. Vertical Aerospace, the Bristol, UK based startup which was founded in 2016 is part of that ever growing group. Their first aircraft planned for commercial use, the VA-X4, unveiled in 2020 and originally […]

  • Airbus: Next generation of CityAirbus revealed

    Airbus has announced plans for a new CityAirbus at the Company’s first #AirbusSummit on “Pioneering Sustainable Aerospace” as the emerging Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market begins to firm up. Ushering in the next generation of CityAirbus, the fully electric vehicle is equipped with fixed wings, a V-shaped tail, and eight electrically powered propellers as part […]

  • Lilium partners with Azul

    The german electrical vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) startup Lilium announced the intent to enter into a commercial deal and strategic alliance with the leading brasil airline Azul. The deal would include the purchase of up to 220 aircraft from Lilium for an aggregate value of 1 billion USD. The start of the brazil eVTOL […]