NetZero.aero is commited to promote and document the visions and solutions needed in order to get to net zero CO2 emissions in aviation.

NetZero.aero is for frequent flyers, casual travellers and for everyone working in the aviation industry.

Commercial and private aviation contribute towards green house gas emissions. Depending on calculation methods, aviation roughly accounts for 2.5% of global CO2 emissions. For first world countries where flying is much more prevalent, these numbers are significantly higher. Switzerland, for example, has seen double digit numbers (11% according to a Master Thesis published by Anna Stünzi at ETH Zurich for 2014), with other countries close by.

There are much larger contributors to global green house gases than aviation, but that fact alone does not absolve aviation from finding solutions to further reducing emissions. I firmly believe that everyone on this planet, no matter what industry they’re in, will have to contribute to a sustainable future. If not for us, then for the generations to come after us.

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Fabian Rahm
Founder and editor-in-chief