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  • Archer Receives Special Airworthiness Certificate for its Maker eVTOL Aircraft Following Successful FAA Inspection

    The Special Airworthiness Certificate clears Archer to begin hover flight testing of its Maker aircraft After receiving its MIDO Certificate of Authorization (COA) and Aircraft Limitations from the FAA a few weeks ago, Archer has now achieved another key milestone as it progresses toward Maker’s first flight The special airworthiness certificate signals that Maker has […]

  • Embraer Shows Roadmap to Net Zero Emissions – Project Energia

    Brazil aircraft manufacturer Embraer presented their roadmap for getting to net zero emissions by 2050 last week. Project “Energia” is a family of concept aircraft in the 9-50 passengers classes and involves a variety of energy and propulsion technologies such as hybrid electric, full electric, hydrogen fuel cells or hydrogen dual fuel gas turbines. Energia […]

  • SAF from Neste Available at Dallas Forth Worth Airport

    Upon receiving its first delivery of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), in collaboration with Avfuel Corporation and Neste, became the first airport in the United States to test a collaborative circular economy project in the aviation sector. The successful SAF delivery is part of this pilot project at DFW—the second […]

  • Archer Aviation Receives FAA COA and Relocates from Development Lab to Flight Test Facility

    Today Archer Aviation, home of the Archer Maker, an eVTOL, announced that they received its MIDO Certificate of Authorization (COA) and Aircraft Limitations from the FAA. The CoA and the Aircraft Limitations are key components of the Special Airworthiness Certificate, which will be the FAA basis that permits the Maker aircraft to commence test flights. […]

  • Airbus A350s Fly Like Gees in Formation – Saves Tons of CO2

    Airbus has performed the first long-haul demonstration of formation flight in general air traffic (GAT) regulated transatlantic airspace with two A350 aircraft flying at three kilometers apart from Toulouse, France to Montreal, Canada. The aircraft were greeted at Montreal-Trudeau International Airport. Over 6 tons of CO2 emissions were saved on the trip, confirming the potential […]

  • Wright Electric Announces Spirit, 100-Seater All Electric BAe 146 Conversion

    US startup Wright Electric (previous coverage) announced at world climate summit COP26 that they intend to retrofit the BAe 146 regional jet airliner into an all-electric version. The BAe 146 aircraft was produced in various versions until 2001 and got it’s fame for low noise and steep approach capabilities, making it suitable for service e.g. […]

  • Lilium Shows 5th Gen Demonstrator Test Flight

    German electric flight company Lilium released footage today of a test flight of their 5th generation demonstrator aircraft, conducted on October 25th. Speeds of up to 40kts have been achieved.

  • Amedeo to purchase 200 ERA from Aura Aero

    French company AURA AERO has created a clean sheet design while integrating new technologies as well as existing technologies such as fly by wire and is driving digital efficiencies to build revolutionary momentum in creating an electrical aircraft. With its current prototype aircraft, INTEGRAL, AURA AERO is achieving design and production maturity at a fraction […]

  • Airbus flies the A319neo with 100% sustainable aviation fuel for the first time

    Airbus, Dassault Aviation, ONERA, the French Ministry of Transports and Safran have launched the first in-flight study of a single-aisle aircraft running on unblended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).  During the flight test over the Toulouse region on 28 October, one CFM LEAP-1A engine of an Airbus A319neo test aircraft operated on 100% SAF. Initial results […]

  • Rolls-Royce, Airbus and Shell are investing to get long-haul aviation towards net zero.

    Today Rolls-Royce, Airbus and Shell have announced that they aim to accelerate the transition of long-haul aviation towards net zero emissions. Sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) are a hot topic right now and key to get aviation towards net zero emissions. Under the UN’s Race to Zero goals the current ‘breakthrough’ required for the decarbonisation of […]