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  • Project Fresson: Converting The BN-2 Islander For Hydrogen Electric Flight

    There are multiple projects within the UK aviation landscape focusing on the transition to net zero emissions for commercial flight. Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) with Project FlyZero, the UK government with their Jet Zero Council and Project Fresson, a consortium led by Cranfield Aerospace Solutions which this article is all about. Project Fresson, named after […]

  • German eVTOL maker Lilium becomes a public company

    The german eVTOL manufacturer Lilium became a public company after a merger with the SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) Quell Acquisition Corp. Lilium trades now at NASDAQ under the ticker symbol LILM. The transaction, which has raised approximately $584 million towards achieving their mission, will provide the necessary capital to progress with the certification, production […]

  • Delta Air Lines orders 30 additional Airbus A321neo aircraft

    Delta Air Lines has ordered 30 additional Airbus A321neo aircraft to help meet the airline’s future fleet requirements. The newly-ordered aircraft are in addition to the airline’s existing orders for 125 of the type, bringing the outstanding orders from Delta to a total of 155 A321neos. “Adding these aircraft strengthens Delta’s commitment to replacing older […]

  • Airbus establishes Zero-Emission Development Centres in Germany and France

    Airbus has decided to concentrate its efforts for metallic hydrogen tanks in a complementary setup by creating Zero-Emission Development Centres (ZEDC) at its sites in Bremen (Germany) and in Nantes (France). The goal of the ZEDC is to achieve cost-competitive cryogenic tank manufacturing to support the successful future market launch of ZEROe and to accelerate […]