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  • Vertical Aerospace: Getting soon off the ground with VA-X4

    There is no shortage of electrical vertical take-off and landing (short eVTOL) startup companies writing headlines during the last couple of years. Vertical Aerospace, the Bristol, UK based startup which was founded in 2016 is part of that ever growing group. Their first aircraft planned for commercial use, the VA-X4, unveiled in 2020 and originally […]

  • Climeworks – Carbon capture series

    This post is part of our carbon capture series. Previous posts: Charm Industrial. Mission The swiss company Climeworks is developing a direct air capture method in order to filter out CO2 from the air. Their vision is to remove 1% of carbon dioxide and inspire Founders The two founders Jan Wurzbacher and Christoph Gebald met […]

  • Carbon capture and storage series: Charm Industrial

    A multitude of carbon offsetting projects and services are on the market, ready take compensation for offsetting CO2 output. However, with some types of offsetting, for example planting trees, it takes multiple years or even decades until the promised amount of CO2 is really removed from the air while the emissions have occurred in the […]