Embraer Shows Roadmap to Net Zero Emissions – Project Energia

Brazil aircraft manufacturer Embraer presented their roadmap for getting to net zero emissions by 2050 last week. Project “Energia” is a family of concept aircraft in the 9-50 passengers classes and involves a variety of energy and propulsion technologies such as hybrid electric, full electric, hydrogen fuel cells or hydrogen dual fuel gas turbines.

Energia Hybrid

Energia Hybrid. Source: Embraer

The hybrid electric concept is shooting for a technology readiness by 2030. Used with SAF (Sustainable aviation fuel), the goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 90%, external noise would be reduced by 60%.

Energia Electric

Energia Electric. Source: Embraer

The Energia Electric is supposed to have technological readiness by 2035 and aims to have zero emissions and 80% less noise in a 9 seater configuration.

Energia H2 Fuel Cell

Energia H2 Fuel Cell. Source: Embraer

Targeted the same time frame, the Energia H2 Fuel Cell would be a 19 seater aircraft and would be using hydrogen fuel cells to power electric motors, also aiming for zero emissions and up to 70% noise reduction.

Energia H2 Gas Turbine

Energia H2 Gas Turbine. Source: Embraer

In the 35-50 seater class, the Energia H2 Gas Turbine concept envisions a hydrogen powered modified turbine for shorter, typical routes, combined with JetA or SAF for longer routes. Technology readiness is aimed at 2040 with zero CO2 emissions and 60% noise reduction.