Archer Aviation Receives FAA COA and Relocates from Development Lab to Flight Test Facility

Today Archer Aviation, home of the Archer Maker, an eVTOL, announced that they received its MIDO Certificate of Authorization (COA) and Aircraft Limitations from the FAA. The CoA and the Aircraft Limitations are key components of the Special Airworthiness Certificate, which will be the FAA basis that permits the Maker aircraft to commence test flights.

Archer Maker at Test Flight Facility. Source: Archer

This enables to move the Maker protoype from the development lab to the flight test facility at in California.

“The relocation of Maker to our dedicated flight test facility marks the next chapter in our journey towards the future of flight,” said Brett Adcock, Archer co-founder and co-CEO. “This transition will allow our team to shift gears from our ‘ground phase’ to the ‘flight phase’ of our Maker roadmap.”

Source: Archer