Integral E and ERA by Aura Aero

The french aircraft manufacturing company Aura Aero, founded in 2018, is currently working on its first light sports aircraft “Integral R”, and gearing up production space at their headquarters in Toulouse, France. The two seaters’ main utilization will be aerobatics and flight training.

Integral R by Aura Aero, Photo by Aura Aero

While Integral R is powered by a conventional combustion engine, the proven Lycoming AEIO-390 with 390 cubic inches (6.93 litres) displacement, the company plans to have an electric version of the same model, named “Integral E”, flying somewhen in 2022. The company says they have already 50 purchase intents for the upcoming model secured.

But Aura Aero does not stop there: Their newest project dubbed “ERA” has the audacious goal to develop an electric regional transporter with 19 seats. ERA stands for “Electric Regional Aircraft”, with a planned first flight in 2024 and an entry into service in 2026. The low-carbon emissions aircraft will be propelled by electric motors and powered by batteries optimized for aviation use.

Rendering of Aura Aero ERA, Photo by Aura Aero